Tuesday, December 27, 2005


 this mountain is held between you
 and your roots
it grows in you
 the laps of memory
surrounds you
 except an echo
which resembles the years
erased by years
nothing but the nil


from the east it spouts out the sound
it is repanding in this corner
eastern shadows visite me

 the angel
he surprised me
tightened me

 against him
released me
tightened me

 against him
released me
and one third time

 he released me
he said
those are your people without memory
you have to profess
and he threw the book

 near my feet

 he rose in the sky
like a wire of smoke
to disappeare


I threw my books behind the times
threaded on my names
 gave way to the horsmen of this land
kneeled down with solemnity
lift up the eyes
don't give me then in mariage
 to  the fine dust in the air

hid the memory
I fear that cities drive me away while I detest exils
hid the memory
I am only the shadow of others
since I became the myth loving the simple heart


only madness
 is held between us
but madness like immense water
which shave any thing in front
to leave nothing behind


around you
my nets
my soldiers of the last conquest
and the mad sea
turn then over
to your room
throw yourself
on our bed
if you have to cry
the bitterness
the banality
of this life


keep always the bad probability
with a bad friend
it may be that you tighten hand
to him to greet
whereas he surprises you
with a ball


I closed the door behind
and I slipped my hand
into my pocket
I lent the ear to my steps
 on the paving stone while lamps
 contemplated me along the street
it is night
 but tomorrow I will be
in appointement
with the blue color
the calm sea color
the clear sky color


a faithful friend  you open it  as you do with a book
when you would like
 and you close it  when you would like
without anguish 


to seize all daemons
the incorrigible maleficences
and to carry out its life in the happiness
 long term
it has to start with its heart
a bath of hot love
is enough


this vicious circle does not explode
only the memory do it
just like my life
the city death's language
the death of the city
here on this pavement


from residues of his demolished house
nothing does not prevent a child to cut stones
to cut rapid weapons
a bomber
heavy than a charre
stones to shake the ground
under our feet
and when everyone is turned over
against him
nothing does not prevent the child
to be a bomb
to explose between us
to bury a desired peace
for ever

Monday, December 26, 2005


do not pay attention if time has to consume
details of your life
having only shades of the  meaning
shades of truth
do not pay attention
 in the beginning it was the word
it was the destiny to cross
 distances which separate insulated islands
before dying out

Sunday, December 25, 2005


you know that in spite of me
I love you
in each corner at home
is held your body
even words
 clearly repand there
and I tend the hand
with a soft gesture
to cherish you
refresh the linked heart
in an insane kiss
a long insane one


that you are not here
alone when I awake
alone when I take again my sleep
nothing from you but a comparable details
of a beautiful memory
giving to this world surounding me
its turth direction


the cold snow
going across the hardness
becomes a soft water
giving life
to dead creatures


your departure taught me that
 daring the meeting
germinates the reason
but your letters that
 only lonliness
draws up the heart


which resemblance between you
 and the wild's grass
enticing butterflies
dreaming to
multicolor crowns
dreaming to
 the bursting april's odors
dreaming aloud
because of  the strong desire


your names
is a heavy burden
your books
your institutions
you are a myth
O, sleepers
wrist of air
do you allow
 to sweep my crumbed body
far from the circle
perhaps my memory
will leave me


Is mixing in you
your towns of ashes
 the new fair capitals which carry to the dream
laid as a tomb that you are
naked out of things
unless your daily question
why they escape from the union
these capitals


proudly it is holding
 in front of heaven
but snow withdraws
 downwards forever
when it renouced
 to climb higher


when you visited me for your first time
I realised that the star
which mouved to lose in the vacuum
so deep and dark
is yours
that you lost for ever
this pretty body


your alphabets
your books
your classrooms
your songs of peace
your stories are lies
waste of time
will never return
my demolished house
my ground
my stolen history
nor the killed souls
and the joy
yes I have questions
but only weapons
will be able to answer 


the age
the short moment
and the death
will cut it
 to fold its days at times of old age
as an autumn's sheet
faded after its greenery
carried by the wind to where
 it would never have to return

it is eternally the nil
which eternally runs behind us
behind the existance


we are the ofering 
left by the song of the prophets
tell the angel
 if he meet you again
that God was already died
buried in us


there is
since they were selected
the domesticated gardens
of these forests of betton
 no lark
nor other wild's bird


only the sea does not leave its eternal rhythm
and this space is vast only for foreigners
all the anxious are dispersed in the paths
I cries with full voice
the sound repand :
why separately you takes again
in this desert
 the same story?
you are the last mythical hero admiring
the hard time
since you linked yourself with the fatherland
the dream was intensified
but you will never arrive
 all the winds swept the trace
 the ice is colonizing the space


there is more than one line
in my book
there is more than one song
in my blood
there is no more space
in my life
for others


come my friend
small winged angel
where is not to hate
where everything changes
everything is different
everything is deguised
as a sign of peace
the smile and the goodness of the heart 


I ran in direction of the villages
the angel visited me o, ice!
but the villages
 flew away
to setteled
 very far


between us strech out
 a long madness-nil's distance
and the body
since it became a looking-glass


those are my people
their destiny frighten me
I will take refuge in the strong corner
where rivers liberally run and
 the alliance with heaven

Friday, December 23, 2005


it escapes us the fate
threads of water between fingers
while we thought that we have it in hand
"everything is clear everything is just
everything is updated
please go to your name-days without fear
without doubt!!!"
but there is always in the affair
an escape from where
infiltrate evil and terror
to blow srtongly in our heart
after what we admit only tears
small words
beautiful words
to relieve our deep sufferings
but as the myth springs from ashes
brilliant star will reborn
to accomplish the duty
on this space
direct oppressed thirst souls
on the road of liberty
and happiness


don't wish a life  witht he sky's odor
the eternal paradise
 I desire apples lady
give it to me and
don't never think of pains
we will have to suffer
on a ground which
we ignore
 a ground which
ignores us


you will rest in my heart forever engreve
that the time which go by
so quick as we don't think over
and pains sometimes dark
must be unable to wipe off your image
because I love you
I love you much more
 than the love I bring
for myself


   he proudly stood up    
as the destiny traced
he had fair hair
he had blue eyes
and after having contemplate
his cigarette's smokes
drawing circles in the air
he said
without forgivness
He runs away to the lightw
how he tested darkness


it's not enough to work the ground
to make spout out sources
so that all will be perfect
that domesticated gardins
will never reach the major secrecy
of the existance


in spite of madness
in spite of death
I leave the reason
in the tomb then
I go on a far tarvel
strollingin the town's unconscious


if future was revealed to you
your practices would be disturbed
and goddesses of poesy
during the moment of desire
could leave you
how would you be able then
to call the light spouting out darkness
"the light"?


because of what is beautiful in you
a braid
a face
a body
a heart
a taste
I do not love
because of
we meet each other to move away
because of you are my opposite
when every time I approache you
I burn
because of
I don't love you


my desire is interminable
but I dispute it
I held against your soul
keeping it to enter my body
believe that I am abimes
 without passages towards you
I am maledictions
 my dear


don't touch the receiver
when it ring
my dear
I will never be there
on the phone

Thursday, August 05, 2004


when sorrows tighten the heart
without leaving any chance
to take a breath and
that your end is near
by suicide
think to this life which
deserves being lived
but death is eternally the destiny
it will put term
after the long happy voyage
for covering souls
in peace


you open your small sheets
to receive the sent ray
of the sun
while making the small wind dance

don't pay attention to the most
 the most difficult season

Monday, June 28, 2004


near the mills
he took a deep breath

 while the right hand shows a direction
the left one on the ear

he said :
winds are not for us today
let's defer the battle

he thought to the conquest
the strong fortresses

Wednesday, June 23, 2004


yes it is the life
yes it is the real rule
all gifted
to the change
to distinguish nothing in this nature
 that only facts are eternal

but I extremely love you

 and I ask myself
 every time
how this feeling very fine sieze its end

sieze its death
how this real rule of the change
do not cross our hearts

 to us
why through the age
I depend on you

perhaps I am funny
prehaps I am insane